Yellow workers!

Two more Tactical Marines finished since my last update. I've been working away diligently on them, along with three other projects that will eventually see the light of day on this blog or another. I'm pretty happy with the consistency I've been able to keep with the yellows. I think once I'm finished with the squad I'll be able to go back in and wrap up the final shading with a glaze or three in the right spots.

There's a slight difference you might notice about these two guys, and it's the sword icon on their left shoulders. I decided when I was assembling the squad that five of the models would get this icon on their shoulders, and they'd form one of the demi-squads should I decide to use their "combat squad" option. To further enhance that look, this group will have their "4" in black.

And then I have another two underway. The Marine on the left is the demi-squad leader, denoted by the chalice on his backpack. The Plasma Canon Marine has been a lot of fun to work on, with such large areas of yellow needing to be shaded in some way.

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